National Wage Consultative Council
Following Government’s decision to come up with a National Minimum Wage, Cabinet approved the establishment of a National Wage Consultative Council under the aegis of the Ministry to make recommendations to Government on the implementation of a National Minimum Wage in Mauritius.

The National Wage Consultative Council Act No. 6 of 2016, which was passed in the National Assembly on 26 May 2016 and came into force by way of proclamation on 01 September 2016, provides for the establishment of the National Wage Consultative Council as a body corporate.


To continuously improve the living standards of low paid workers in the Republic of Mauritius


To keep under continuous review the national minimum wage to better the standard of living of low paid workers​

The National Minimum Wage (Review) Regulations 2023

Fifth Report on the Impact of the Implementation of the National Minimum Wage

Fourth Report on the Impact of the Implementation of the National Minimum Wage

An empirical study of the minimum wage in Mauritius pre COVID19 estimates by ILO​

Report on the National Minimum Wage Review 2020

Second Report on the Impact of the Introduction of the National Minimum Wage

Report on the introduction of a National Minimum Wage for The Republic Of Mauritius

Board Meeting of the National Wage Consultative Council of 18 Sep. 2017 whereby the draft report on the introduction of the national minimum wage was being finalized.