Downloadable Forms
Occupational Safety and Health       
Applicatio​n for Scaffold Contractor's Permit
   fire/Health/site plan/layout see   INFO SHEET​
Eighteenth schedule
Form for Report of Examination of a hoist or lift
Form for Report of accident and dangerous occurence
Form for Report of Examination of an air receiver
Form for Report of Examination of a crane or lifting machine
Form for Report of Examination of an escalator
Form for Report of Examination of a refrigeration plant
Form for Report of Examination of a steam boiler when cold/​under steam pressure
Form for Report of thorough examination of steam receiver
Form for Report of Examination of a vehicle lift
Application for customs duty exemptions
Documents to be submitted for the application of scaffold Contractor's Permit

*Application form for registration to practise as Safety and Health Officer/Applicable to Mauritian residents only​
NOTE: lodging accommodation application must be accompanied with fire and Health clearances , a site plan and a layout plan of the lodging accommodation

Application for Registration of Employer
word formatpdf format​    
Particulars of Work Agreement​
​( word formatpdf format

Associations / Trade Unions     

   1.1   Association​​
   1.2   Trade Union
2   Application for Registration of Association​
   2.1    Association with no minors​
   2.2    Association with minors
   2.3    Sports club
   2.4    Association with funeral grants
   2.5    Women association
   2.6    Federation of associations​
   2.7    Model rules for sport federation
3Application for registratio​n of trade union
4Application for registration of amendment of rules of association
5Application for registration of amendment of rules of trade union
6Application for registration of change of name of trade union
7Annual return
 7.1   Association
 7.2    Trade union
8Security Bond​
 8.1   Association
 8.2   Trade union
9  Certificate of result of ballot of trade union
A guide to protecting NPOs
FATF typologies report on the risk of terro​rist abuse in NPOs
FATF best practices paper on combatting the abuse of NPOs​​​​​
Terrorist Finan​cing Risk Assessment for the NPO Sector in Mauritius
Guidelines on the Implementation of targeted financial sanctions​​

14.1 Template for Notif​ication to the National Sanctions Secretariat
14.2 Template for Reporting on Positive Match
Guidance for Office Holders of Associations
 ROA presentation slides on NPOs​​​​
NPOs in Mauritius and Terrorist Financing Risks
What you need to know, what you need to do