Registry Of Associations


For any international requests for information on NPOs (associations), please contact the Registrar of Associations on the following:

Email address:

Phone No:  2081619

The requests for information should be made in writing and submitted on the above email address. The office of the Registrar will endeavor to provide the information required as soon as possible.

For information on Company Limited by Guarantee and Foundations, you may contact the Registrar of Companies/Registrar of Foundations on:

Aims and Objectives
.​To register associations, trade unions and their respective rules to enable these organizations to have a legal status.​​
.​To ensure that these organizations operate within their respective legal framework.​​
Services provided and Activities
. ​Registration of associations, trade unions and of their rules;
.​Registration of amendments of the rules of registered associations, trade unions and employees superannuation funds;
.​Keeping of:
· Register of Associations
· Register of Trade Unions

.​Provision on request by associations and trade unions for copies of rules and returns accounts, committee members etc ;
.​Handling of complaints made by members of registered associations and trade unions against their organisations;
.​Inspection of books, accounts and records of associations, trade unions;
.​Publication of returns of trade unions registered on Permanent Register of trade unions;
.​Delivery of talks/training sessions on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

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