Parastatal Bodies
-Mauritius Institute Of Training and Development (MITD)    We​bsite...​
The Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD), a body corporate established under Act 12 of 2009 has taken over the activities of the ex-Industrial and Vocational Training Board (ex-IVTB) and part of the ex-Technical School Management Trust Fund (ex-TSMTF) as from 16 November 2009. The MITD operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Labour, Human Resource Development and Training.​

-Human Resource Development Council (HRDC)    Website...
The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) was set up as a corporate body in November 2003 as per the HRD Act 2003. The setting up of the HRDC was inspired by recommendations of a report on National Integrated Training Strategy, prepared by an International Labour Organisation (ILO) consultant, whereby the need for an apex body that would guide and provide the necessary thrust for human resource development in Mauritius was felt. HRDC has been vested with the responsibility to look after and promote the development of the labour force in Mauritius in line with the requirements of a fast growing economy.

-​Manufacturing Sector Workers Welfare Fund    Website...​​
Set up under the Manufacturing Sector Workers Welfare Fund Act
The objective of the Fund shall be to advance and promote  the social and economic welfare of workers, their spouses  and their children.​
-Trade Union Trust Fund 
​​​​​​​​​The Trade Union Trust Fund set up by the Trade Union Trust Fund Act 1994 operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Labour, Human Resource Development and Training and has, as objectives, to impart education and knowledge to members of Staff Associations; receive and manage funds and other property obtained from the Government and other sources, promote workers’ education; provide assistance to workers’ oganisations; and organise and sponsor seminars, conferences, workshops, training courses and other related activities for the benefit of the members of trade unions affiliated to workers’ organisations.