​​​Advisory Council for Occupational Safety & Health
The Advisory Council for Occupational Safety and Health is established under section 28 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 2005. The functions of the Advisory Council are, inter alia , to give advice and ​​assistance to the Minister in respect of matters affecting the safety, health and welfare of employees at their place of work or lodging accommodation , or any other persons whose safety, health and welfare may be affected by work activities .​
The composition of the Advisory Council for Occupational Safety and Health as last reconstituted for a period of two years with effect from  31 August 2013 is as follows:-
Public Officers
Director, Occupational Safety and Health (Chairperson)​

Representative of Ministry of Civil Service & Administrative Reforms;
Representative of Ministry of Health & Quality of Life;
Representative of Ministry of Public Infrastructure, National Development Unit, Land Transport and Shipping (Public Infrastructure Division)
Representative of Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
Representative of Ministry of Education and Human Resources
Representative of Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities
Representative of Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security​
Representative of Ministry of Labour, Human Resource Development & Training
Representative of Employers: 
Mr. Vinod Bhujoo
Mr Philippe K. L. Lai Choo
Ms Sylvana Ah-Hang
Mrs M Martine Rosy Appave
Mr Jacques M Florine
Mr RJacques Rohan
Mr Dayanand Kurrumchand
Mr Pradeep Dursun
Representative of Employees: 
Mr. Benniparsad Seewsagur
Mr Jean-Bruneau Dorasami
Mr Yahya Paraouty
Mr Ram Nowzadick
Mr Randheer Kumar Bundhoo
Mr Mohammad Iqbal Amiran
Mr Reeaz Cuttoo
Miss Bhoopa Brizmohun​
Members with wide experience in Occupational Safety and Health :
Mr Hurrychand Budhoo
Dr Parmanund Brizmohun