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Communique: Minimum Service 15.04.20​

Communique: Cases refered to Redundancy Board 07.04.20

Communique: Lodging Accomodation Permit and Factory Certificates 01.04.20

Communique: Le Travail Dans Les Services Essentiels​

Communique: Service Minimum 

The Workers' Rights (Portable Retirement Gratuity Fund) Regulations  2020​​

Outbreak of the Coronavirus in China and travel restrictions imposed​

The Sugar Industry (Non-Agricultural Workers) (Remuneration) (Amendment) Regulations 2019​

The Export Enterprises (Remuneration)(Amendment) Regulations 2019)

The Workers' Rights (Amount of Seed Capital) Regulations 2019​

The Workers' Rights (Additional Rem​uneration) (2020) Regulations 2019​

​Boni de fin d'annee 2019​

Proclamation of N0. 45 of 2019​
Vacancy in the grade of driver & Application form​
Proclamation of The Employment Rights (Amendment) Act 2019​
The Worker's Right Act 2019
The Employment Rights (Amendment) Act 2019
​Security Guards (Remuneration Order) Regulations Proposed Recommendations 17.04.19
Employment of Non-citizens (Spouses) 17.04.19
The Employment Rights (Working from Home) Reg 2019​
Additional Remuneration and Other Allowances (2019) (Payment of Allowance) Regulations 2019 - GN No. 17 of 2019
National Minimum Wage (Amendment) Regulations 2019 GN No. 18 of 2019
Export Enterprises (RO)(Amendment) Regulations 2019 - GN No. 19 of 2019​
Report on the​ Impact of the Introduction​ of the National Minimum Wage 31/01/19​
Notice/Proposed Portable Retirement Gratuity Fund
Boni de​ fin d'annee 2018​
NRB Notice on proposed adjustment on wages following implementation of National Minimum Wage 19/09/18​
Communique Relocation of Office ROA​​
Communique Relocation of Office NRB
Communique Relocation of Office CCM​​​
National Minimum Wage Regulations 2017-GN No.1 of 2018
Introduction of a National Minimum Wage For The Republic Of Mauritius
Proposed recommendation on the three specific issues in relation to the Sugar Industry (Agricultural Workers) (Remuneration Order) Regulations 1983 and the Sugar Industry (Non‐Agricultural Workers) (Remuneration Order) Regulations 1985
Monthly Salary as at January 2017 for Security Guards
Wages payable to workers go​verned by the Security Guard Remuneration Regulations as from January 2016​​​
Recruitment of a National Consultant by the ILO for the formulation of the Second Generation Decent Work ​Country Programme for Mauritius
Banks Fisherman and Frigo-workers Remuneration Regulations 2016​
Catering and Tourism Industries Remuneration (Amendment) Regulations 2015​
​​Review of minimum wages in Remuneration Regulations wherein workers are drawing less than Rs 6,500 per month​​​
Boni de fin d'annee 2015
Placement and Training Programmes for the Unemployed 17 JULY 2015
Extension of maternity leave from 12 to 14 weeks​​​
Review of Bank Fishermen and Frigo Workers Regulations​​
Boni De Fin D'annee 2014​
Printing Industry (Remuneration) Regulations 2014 
Workshop for Religious Bodies March 2014
Le Workfare Programme 3 Mars 2014
Review of The Catering And Tourism Industries (RO) Regulations
Remuneration Regulation Reviewed as from December 2013
Boni de fin d'annee 2013
Contrat de Travail 05/11/13
Recycling Fee 24/09/13
Review of The Public Transport ( Buses) Workers (Remuneration Order)Regulations

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