Archive Communiqué:


Proposed recommendation on the three specific issues in relation to the Sugar Industry (Agricultural Workers) (Remuneration Order) Regulations 1983 and the Sugar Industry (Non‐Agricultural Workers) (Remuneration Order) Regulations 1985​
Monthly Salary as at January 2017 for Security Guards
Wages payable to workers go​verned by the Security Guard Remuneration Regulations as from January 2016​​​
Recruitment of a National Consultant by the ILO for the formulation of the Second Generation Decent Work ​Country Programme for Mauritius​
Banks Fisherman and Frigo-workers Remuneration Regulations 2016​
Catering and Tourism Industries Remuneration (Amendment) Regulations 2015​
​​Review of minimum wages in Remuneration Regulations wherein workers are drawing less than Rs 6,500 per month​​​
​Boni de fin d'annee 2015
Placement and Training Programmes for the Unemployed 17 JULY 2015​
Extension of maternity leave from 12 to 14 weeks​​​
Review of Bank Fishermen and Frigo Workers Regulations​​
Boni De Fin D'annee 2014​
Printing Industry (Remuneration) Regulations 2014 
Workshop for Religious Bodies March 2014
Le Workfare Programme 3 Mars 2014
Review of The Catering And Tourism Industries (RO) Regulations
Remuneration Regulation Reviewed as from December 2013
Boni de fin d'annee 2013
Contrat de Travail 05/11/13
Recycling Fee 24/09/13
Review of The Public Transport ( Buses) Workers (Remuneration Order)Regulations