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Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment and Training

Registry of Associations

Aims and Objectives
. ​ To register associations, trade unions and their respective rules to enable these organizations to have a legal status.​​
.​ To ensure that these organizations operate within their respective legal framework.​​
Services provided and Activities
. Registration of associations, trade unions and of their rules;
.​ Registration of amendments of the rules of registered associations, trade unions and employees superannuation funds;
.​ Keeping of:
·        Register of Associations
·        Register of Trade Unions
.​ Provision on request by associations and trade unions for copies of rules and returns accounts, committee members etc );
.​ Handling of complaints made by members of registered associations and trade unions against their organisations;
.​ Inspection of books, accounts and records of associations, trade unions;
.​ Publication of returns of trade unions registered on Permanent Register of trade unions;
.​ Delivery of talks/training sessions on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

  FAQ ( pdf document )


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