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Ministry of Labour, Human Resource Development and Training

NRB Recommendations

NRB Proposed Recommendations

​* Security Guards (Remuneration Order) Regulations​ Proposed Recommendations

​* Review of the Blockmaking, Constructi​on, Stone Crushing and Related Industries (Remuneration Order ) Regulations​
​* Proposed recommendations on adjustment of wages in the Remuneration Regulations following the implementation of the National Minimum Wage

​*  Proposed recommendations on the three specific issues in relation to the Sugar Industry (Agricultural Workers) (Remuneration Order) Regulations 1983 and the Sugar Industry (Non‐Agricultural Workers) (Remuneration Order) Regulations 1985
*​  Review of minimum wages in Remuneration Regulations where in workers are drawing less than Rs 6,500 per month​​​
​*  Review of Bank Fishermen and Frigo Workers Regulations​
Review of The Public Transport (Buses) Workers (Remuneration order) Regulations
​*  Review of The Catering and Tourism Industries (Remuneration order) Regulations
​*  Review of Printing Industry (Remuneration order) Regulations​
​*  ​​Proposed recommendation for Office Attendants R.O. Regulations
​*  Proposed recommendation for Cleaning Enterprises
​*  Proposed recommendations on blockmaking, construction, stone crushing & related Industries (Remuneration Order) Regulations 2008 & table of wages
​*  Proposed recommedations Livestock workers(Remuneration order) Regulations


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